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At Browne & Co., all of our tempting, delectable bakery goods are made in house, using the highest-quality ingredients available. Rich Valrhona chocolates, ripe, organic fruits, creamy butter, and farm-fresh eggs and dairy are the building blocks of Browne & Co.’s delicious treats.

tying bow on a new bag of granola
assorted cookie display case
On a daily basis, you’ll find our bakery case stocked with breakfast options like fruit-filled muffins, powdered sugar-covered scones, buttery coffee cake and flaky French pastries. Palm-sized cookies, rich brownies, home-style quick breads, biscotti, cupcakes and bar cookies are always available, and our baker adds specials to the menu every day. Granola, quiches, cakes, pies and other bakery goods are also available, so be sure to check in often!
bakery case
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